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AWS announces generative AI service to create apps

AWS announces generative AI service to create apps

Named AWS App Studio, financial institutions, fintech firms and virtually any organisation are now able to build an application that could have taken a professional developer days to create from scratch, but in minutes.

It was announced at AWS Summit New York this week that App Studio is intended for technical professionals without software development skills, such as IT project managers, data engineers, and enterprise architects, allowing them to quickly spin up internal apps with the knowledge they are managed by AWS.

It is no secret that development resources to build custom applications are scarce and a key reason why users turn to low-code tools. However, as AWS explains, these tools can often have a steep learning curve, requiring platform-specific knowledge, and do not meet security requirements. Users are then forced to relinquish management of the apps to the development team. 

The company explained that a user would have to describe the application they want, what they want it to do, and the data sources they want to integrate with. Further to this, if changes need to be made, users have access to a point and click interface where they are offered guidance by a generative AI powered assistant.
AWS App Studio allows people with some technical experience to build enterprise-grade applications that were previously only built by professional developers. By generating an outline to verify the user’s intent, an app can be built with a multi-page UI, a data model, and business logic - without thinking of the underlying code at all.

Dilip Kumar, vice president of applications at AWS, says: "AWS App Studio opens up application development to an entirely new set of builders, helping them create enterprise-grade applications in minutes. Designed to meet the needs of the largest enterprise customers and fastest growing startups, App Studio is a force multiplier for technical employees at any company. Now, using natural language, any user with some technical experience can simply describe the application they want to build, and App Studio takes care of the development process, delivering an application that employees can start using immediately. It has never been easier for technical professionals to build custom applications tailored to the unique needs of their business, ushering in a new world of productivity for businesses of all sizes."

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