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Danske Bank adds sustainable investment insights to mobile app

Danske Bank adds sustainable investment insights to mobile app

Danske Bank has added a new feature to its mobile app that gives customers a clear insight into how many sustainable investments they have in their portfolio.

In a survey from Danske Invest, it appears that most investors in Denmark would like to have a greater focus on sustainability when they invest. But until now, it has required a meeting with an investment advisor to discover the underlying sustainability perspective.

"Since we launched the feature for our advisors, we have been working purposefully to also make it available for customers when they are at home," says Anne Buchardt, head of global private banking. "Now we are making the feature available to everyone who uses our online or mobile bank. Thus, the insights are not only reserved for those who receive personal investment advice."

Users of the new feature can gain insight into what proportion of their investments are sustainable investments and how the investments in general relate to factors such as climate, equality, human rights, biodiversity and more.

According to the survey from Danske Invest last autumn, sustainability ranks as "important" or "very important" for 61 percent of Nordic customers with invested funds.

Says Buchardt: "With the new function, our customers get an efficient and intuitive digital solution, where they easily can see how many sustainable investments they have, and how their investments perform on a number of selected sustainability parameters directly on their smartphone."

The sustainable investments are identified based on a model developed by Danske Bank. At the same time, the function also provides an overview of how the investments perform on a number of specific sustainability parameters in relation to the stock market as a whole.

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