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EBAday 2024: Fintech Zone finalists revealed!

EBAday 2024: Fintech Zone finalists revealed!

For the sixth year running, EBAday will host a dedicated Fintech Zone, where 16 early stage and growth startups will compete for the chance to be crowned the 2024 winner.

The shortlisted fintech firms will be able to network and demonstrate their products to leading payment heads and banking executives on the judging panel and attending the conference.

Finextra and the Euro Banking Association (EBA) have chosen startups with a proof of concept or working product to pitch during their dedicated slot on either day one or day two of the conference.

The shortlist includes fintech firms pitching their products that operate within next generation banking, payments-as-a-service, instant payments and request to pay, identity services and fraud prevention, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), cross-border payments interoperability, trends in payments technology and fintech collaboration, and trends in liquidity and cash management practices.

Here’s the list of finalists:

A platform that improves the FX payment market infrastructure for emerging market (EM) currencies. Working with global banks, MSBs, NGOs and their EM payment providers, AbbeyCross reduces technical barriers to integration, addresses compliance and continuity risk, and offers much-needed price transparency to the fragmented and inefficient EM FX payment industry.

A company that focuses on providing core IT solutions for credit providers in the financial services industry. The company offers a range of services including modular software, operational customisation, end-to-end process management, and cloud-based solutions, all designed to help businesses maintain control over their operations and expand their capabilities.

An independent branch network, that can deal with multiple banks from any one location. This allows for digital, and lesser-known banks to have a physical presence on UK High Streets and beyond. The problem banxlocal.uk solves, is the current access to cash crisis, and access to banking services as a whole. This has been created by the number of branch closures since the late 1980’s, reducing from 20,000, to just 5,000 today.

A SaaS tool that scans the client’s crypto exchange history and beyond (so off-chain and on-chain data combined) to reveal the source of funds. The ChainComply solution simplifies complex transaction streams into a clear view of the financial history. Then, it identifies high-risk transactions and patterns, enabling AML teams to understand their clients better and meet regulatory obligations.


An accounting and financial management platform, which offers solutions for automated reconciliations, payments management. It also offers solutions for ledger management, payments data management, and more.

Im-Par (Implementation Partners, GmbH)
An AI-based payment processing platform designed to revolutionize the way financial transactions are handled. The Im-Par platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enhance payment processing speed, accuracy, and security.

B2B SaaS API infrastructure aimed at simplifying cross-border payments. The company focuses on making international transactions instant, cost-effective, and accessible to all, particularly benefiting businesses in financial services. Instarails' technology supports seamless global payments, catering to the needs of low and middle-income country immigrants by improving their access to financial services. The platform is designed to be inclusive, offering solutions that empower businesses to handle international transactions efficiently.

Kodex AI
A generative AI platform that automates tasks such as proposal creation, RFP responses, and data analysis, aiming to improve client interactions and streamline workflows. Kodex AI's technology is designed with a strong emphasis on data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance, catering to the needs of wealth management, private banking, and client solutions teams within the financial sector.

A digital lending platform for eCommerce and Omnichannel merchants with an AI-driven scoring model able to serve the majority (longtail) of the SME market. The Lemonero platform is embedded into our partner's systems, driving efficient scaling and natural customer acquisition by offering flexible revenue-based financing. We focus on cooperation with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and payment service providers as an embedded financing provider.

A SaaS AI company that delivers user experiences and provides unparalleled insights through augmented intelligence and generative AI. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Lucinity sets new standards to reduce review times, enhance insights, and optimise operational efficiency.

Lune is a single integration that unlocks the power of financial data, enabling institutions to build end-to-end engagement flows and personalised experiences that customers love.

Movitz Payments
A fintech company specialising in pre- and post-payment services designed to help financial institutions streamline and enhance the payment experience for customers and internal users. Their primary goal is to revolutionise the payment landscape by providing white-label UI services for seamless integration into banks' online portals, as well as API services for custom solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Necto allows corporates, banks, treasury technology providers, ERPs and PSPs to evolve beyond antiquated financial messaging. The platform harnesses the power of next generation, API driven bank connectivity.

Neterium allows financial institutions, digital platforms and vendor solutions to integrate and automate AML/KYC watchlist screening. Thanks to their standard API, screening and risk scoring or transactions and relationship can be added right into platforms and processes in a matter of hours.

NsKnox Technologies is a fintech security company provides solutions in the field of Cooperative Cyber Security (CCS) based on a new approach for protecting corporate payment systems against insider threats, external fraud, and data manipulation attempts.

TradeHeader drives the standardisation of data to streamline connectivity, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risk in financial markets. They are the bridge between diverse financial messaging standards, between third-party solutions and in-house technology, between counterparties in the market, and between an institution’s strategic vision and the execution of that vision.

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