CMS WebView eases exchange data feed integration

CMS WebView eases exchange data feed integration

UK-based market data systems vendor CMS WebView, has launched its new decryption and delivery software, DDFView, for both real-time and delayed exchange information.

Digital Data Feed (DDF) is a wholesale feed of real-time futures and options data from the leading derivatives exchanges. DDFView has been developed to enable non-specialist companies, such as news providers and brokers, as well as data professionals to integrate and manage DDF with a minimum of in-house technical expertise.

The new system operates on an industry standard PC and features a range of data management modules that decrypt and deliver DDF data ready for integration into third party software ranging from price display terminals to Web-portals. It has the capability to receive and decrypt real-time DDF information via leased line, satellite or Internet connections. In addition, there are primary and back-up combinations of the different delivery options.

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