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OpenAI, Google pledge to build responsible AI

OpenAI, Google pledge to build responsible AI

OpenAI and Google are among dozens of tech companies signing open letter pledging to build ethical AI.

The letter was started by Ron Conway, venture capitalist and philanthropist, and his company SV Angel. Conway commented on X (formerly Twitter): “We all share responsibility for building AI that improves lives & unlocks a better future for humanity. @SVAngel makes this pledge, and we are proud to initiate this Open Letter: Build AI for a Better Future.”

The letter reads: “While AI is unique in directly augmenting human thought, we expect its impact to be more akin to the printing press, the combustion engine, electricity, and the Internet. The balance of its good and bad impacts on humans will be shaped through the actions and thoughtfulness we as humans exercise. It is our collective responsibility to make choices that maximize AI’s benefits and mitigate the risks, for today and for future generations.”

So far, it has been signed by companies like OpenAI, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce and Hugging Face, and has collected over 350 signatures at the time of writing.

Yet, while the letter advocates for developing responsible AI systems and aiming to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI applications, it stops short of listing specific actions and steps that companies will take in order to achieve this.

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