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Nu Mexico lets customers receive payments from US via WhatsApp

Nu Mexico lets customers receive payments from US via WhatsApp

Nubank customers in Mexico can now receive money from the United States via WhatsApp thanks to a partnership between the digital banking giant and Felix Pago

To use the service, customers generate a money request link within the Nu app, which comes pre-loaded with essential details about the recipient’s savings account product in Mexico. Then, they share the link with the sender via WhatsApp.

The sender interacts with the Felix chatbot directly within WhatsApp. Felix Pago is responsible for sending the money from the US to Mexico. Once the sender completes the operation, funds will arrive instantly in Mexican pesos through SPEI in the savings account, called Cuenta Nu.

In addition, customers will be able to generate annual returns of 15% when saving their money in “Cajitas” (money boxes).

The first transfer is free but after that the sender must pay a $2.99 fee for each payment, regardless of its size.

"Our country has established itself as the second largest recipient of money from abroad worldwide and this new functionality allows us to continue expanding our footprint by offering a simple, easy, secure and fast option,” says Iván Canales, GM, Nu México.

The option comes as Brazilian giant Nubank strengthens its presence in Mexico, where it has over four million customers for products including credit card, savings account, debit card, personal loans.

Earlier this month, the firm also outlined plans to step up its presence in Colombia after receiving approval from authorities to operate as a financing company in the country.

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