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CaixaBank creates 100-strong GenAI team

CaixaBank creates 100-strong GenAI team

CaixaBank has assembled a multi-disciplinary task force of more than 100 people to exclusively work on and deploy generative artificial intelligence in specific areas of internal and customer-related services.

Working with Microsoft and Accenture from offices in Madrid and Barcelona, the 100-strong team includes members from various departments and specialities in CaixaBank and its tecchnology subsidiary CaixaBank Tech.

The cooperation with Microsoft provides CaixaBank with access to GPT models and others in a secure test environment and with advancements that are not yet available on the market.

Among the initiatives under way, streamlining customer service through digital channels and risk analytics appear the most promising. Others include generating code in developments, preparing tests and drafting documentation for new technological functionalities.

A series of working groups have been created to develop real use cases in which generative AI would bring improvements, with a focus on employee experience. The bank expects to begin deployment across the entire enterprise throughout 2014.

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