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NatWest launches board game to educate people about scams

NatWest launches board game to educate people about scams

Just in time for Christmas, NatWest has launched a board game, 'All Mod Cons' to educate the public about top modern scam techniques.

The board game, which will be available to play in select NatWest branches, was created by a team of game developers in partnership with the Bank’s fraud team.

All Mod Cons is a game for 4-6 people where players make their way around the board with the aim of holding onto their money whilst avoiding the scams they encounter along the way. The game draws on NatWest data and aims to equip players with crucial information on how to detect, avoid and report different kinds of scams in real life.

NatWest research identified the most prevalent scams which all feature in the game. The most popular being phishing, vishing and smishing scams, impersonation scams, and refund scams.

Other popular cons in the last 12 months included romance scams, crypto refund swindles, get rich quick schemes and purchase scams.

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