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Ex-Revolut leaders build digital wallet

Ex-Revolut leaders build digital wallet

A group of former Revolut, Coinbase and Spotify staffers have unveiled Zeal, a digital wallet for managing crypto and interacting with web3 and decentralised finance apps.

Founded by former Revolut VP for growth and Spotify executive Hannes Graah, Zeal claims to be a digital wallet "built to handle your whole financial life" and solve the user experience shortcomings of current offerings while blending on-chain with real-world finance.

It will address current security problems with advanced safety checks and previews for web3 transactions that keep people safe from scams and hacks. It’s also bringing to market bank transfers that let users transfer USDC from Polygon to their bank account, for free.

Says Graah: "The status quo for wallets is not good enough. Clunky wallets built for technocrats or the casino are hard to use and easy to lose money with. People need a wallet that’s safe, easy, and works seamlessly with blockchain networks and the real world.

"We need something easier than cash, safer than a bank, and that lets people access the best of all worlds."

The wallet is still in development with invite-only access, with a wider release slated for the first quarter of 2024.

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