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UK startup taps open banking technology to help people build their credit score

UK startup taps open banking technology to help people build their credit score

BuildMyCreditScore, a UK startup that enables individuals to effortlessly boost their credit score through everyday spending on a debit card, has launched in the UK.

The company provides a Mastercard debit card connected to a user's current account via open banking technology.

While the debit card works instantly like a regular bank card, the money - up to a daily cap of £30 per day - is collected via Direct Debit by BuildMyCreditScore around two working days after, allowing it to be reported to credit reference agencies. As a result, cardholders are able to build their credit score by demonstrating their ability to manage rolling outgoings and repay credit promptly.

The app was tested by a pilot of 632 customers between December 2022 and June 2023. Of that number, the majority saw an increase in their credit score of between 11 and 55 points within the first three months of trialling the product.

James Lynn, CEO and Co-Founder of BuildMyCreditScore, comments: “Traditional credit builder products typically rely on someone making prompt repayments on credit they’ve taken out. If they fail to do so for any reason, they risk falling into debt and harming their credit score further. BuildMyCreditScore’s innovative use of open banking disrupts this model by integrating seamlessly with a person’s usual spending habits, allowing them to build their credit score in a safe, low-risk way through their everyday spending.”

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