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Saga partners Flagstone on savings platform for over-50s

Saga partners Flagstone on savings platform for over-50s

Saga, the British brand focussed on providing products and services to the over 50s, has teamed up with cash deposit platform Flagstone on a savings platform.

The Saga Savings Platform will use Flagstone’s technology and relationships with more than 50 cash savings providers to offer over 50s access to a curated choice of fixed rate accounts that can be easily accessed and managed through a single application.

Users will get a choice of accounts across a range of terms and from a selection of fixed rate savings account providers. Customers will be able to easily access the accounts and terms they prefer, moving money between them on a single app.

Alex Edmans, head, financial services, Saga Money, says: "Thanks to our dedicated in-house research team, we know there is significant demand across this demographic for competitive savings rates, convenience and reduced paperwork.

"With this in mind, we have created a platform that simplifies the savings process by providing a curated range of fixed rate options, accessible through a single website and account, underpinned by exceptional customer service and ensuring that our customers always have access to some of the best fixed rate accounts available."

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