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Apple soft launches UK open banking integration for iPhone Wallet

Apple soft launches UK open banking integration for iPhone Wallet

Apple is soft launching a new iPhone Wallet app that is integrated with UK's open banking framework.

First reported by 9ToFiveMac, the Wallet app will now be able to show the user’s current account balance from their bank directly under the card image, as well as a history of deposits and payments. This includes balances for credit and debit cards.

The balances will also be shown inline when buying something with Apple Pay, helping users be more financially aware about whether they can responsibly afford the purchase.

This integration is rolling out first as part of the upcoming iOS 17.1 developer beta, reports 9ToFiveMac. It will be available to a subset of Wallet app users in the UK, who have an Apple Pay credit or debit card associated with a supporting bank.

Supporting banks in the initial rollout include Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, Monzo, and Starling..

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Jeremy Light
Jeremy Light - Fourdotzero - London 28 September, 2023, 10:442 likes 2 likes

Being able to see your bank balance when making a debit card payment is a great UX and will be immensely popular with consumers - it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference to unauthorised overdraft fee income, bounced direct debit debit income etc for banks which is why in the past they have been reluctant to provide such capability. My expectation is it will be a net benefit for banks in terms of customer retention, acquisition and engagement, so a win-win for banks and consumers (and Apple of course).