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Fujitsu trials gen-AI for Japanese banks

Fujitsu trials gen-AI for Japanese banks

Japanese technology giant Fujitsu is to conduct trials into the use of generative AI (gen-AI) for banking operations.

The tech vendor has partnered with Japan-based Hokuhoku Financial Group for the experiments.

Fujitsu's AI platform, Fujitsu Kozuchi, will be applied to the banking operations of Hokuriko Bank and Hokkaido Bank, two Hokuhoku subsidiaries. More specifically, the gen-AI module on the platform will be used to repsond to internal inquiries, generate and verify business documents and create programs. 

The objective is to identify promising use cases for the technology, according to Fujitsu. 

It is not the first time that Fujitsu has sought to trial the use of gen-AI with a Japanese bank. In June it announced such a plan with Mizuho.

A number of banks have announced plans to experiment with the technology while a number of regulators have also voiced their intention to bring in new rules to govern the use of gen-AI tools such as chatGPT. 


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Rajan Chadha
Rajan Chadha - IBN - London 24 September, 2023, 21:11Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

What areas of finance sector, regulators intent to bring in regulations to govern the use of gen-AI tools such as chatGPT or Google's Bard ? and how these regulations and standards will apply to cross border financial services?