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Slovenia ranked as EU's most crypto-obsessed country

Slovenia ranked as EU's most crypto-obsessed country

Slovenia has emerged as the most 'crypto-obsessed' state in Europe, according to recently published research.

 A study conducted by virtual currency gambling platform cryptogambling.tv looked at the highest number of internet searches involving a number of crypto-related terms and then ranked these numbers according to population size.

Slovenia came out on top with roughly 100,000 searches each month, which accounts for an average of 4,789 searches per 100,000.

The top five was completed by Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland and Turkey, in numerical order. 

Slovenia is home to the non-profit Blockchain Alliance Europe as well as crypto infrastructure vendor GoCrypto. It is also notable for the number of outlets that accept bitcoin as a currency.

But other countries in the top ten have been more stringent in regulating crypto. For example, the Netherlands imposes taxes on unrealised gains from crypto. Laws seen as not being crypto-friendly can actually increase investor interest, according to cryptogambling.tv. 

A spokesman for the company behind the research said: “While it may be surprising to see countries who have been coming down on cryptocurrency in the top ten, said legislation has likely caught coverage and sparked an interest in what crypto is as a whole. Cryptocurrency remains a new thing for many people, yet many have yet to learn about it. Therefore, any publicity, whether it be by legislation or general news, is bound to garner interest as seen by Google searches in this study.”

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