Mercator ships new version of Integration Broker technology

Mercator ships new version of Integration Broker technology

Middleware supplier Mercator Software has released a new version of its Integration Broker package, with additional features designed to speed recovery from system failure and support new messaging standards.

Mercator Integration Broker Version 6.5 has been developed to automate recovery from system failures and reduce the duration of system outages, says the vendor. It is available for Windows 2000 and NT, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, and IBM OS/390. A new cluster-based fail-over option is available for Windows 2000 and Solaris cluster environments, with additional platform support planned for future releases.

In addition, the company completed development of a Java-class adapter, and a Java Messaging Service (JMA) adapter, as well as added IBM's WebSphere MQ messaging as an option available with Mercator Integration Broker.

The new offerings follows the release of Mercator's new business process integration software, Process Integrator Version 1.0, which is based on the Versata Interaction Server and is designed to graphically model and automate business processes that coordinate human activities with enterprise applications.

Mercator's Java-class adapter enables customers to use business processes written in Java code with Integration Broker technology. Similarly, Mercator's JMS adapter eases the use of Java-based messaging with Integration Broker.

The availability of IBM's WebSphere MQ messaging with Integration Broker meets the goal of providing customers with a one-stop shopping solution for application integration, messaging, and business process integration, says the vendor.

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