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Amazon rolls out palm payment tech to 500+ Whole Food Market stores

Amazon rolls out palm payment tech to 500+ Whole Food Market stores

Amazon is rolling out its palm payment technology to all of its 500+ Whole Foods Market stores in the US.

Amazon One is currently available at more than 200 Whole Foods Market locations across the US. First-time users can pre-enroll online with their credit or debit card, Amazon account, and mobile number in just under a minute. They can then complete the enrollment process in seconds by scanning their palm over an Amazon One device the next time they visit a participating store.

Leandro Balbinot, chief technology officer at Whole Foods Market, says: “Since we’ve introduced Amazon One at Whole Foods Market stores over the past two years, we’ve seen that customers love the convenience it provides, and we’re excited to bring Amazon One to all of our customers across the US.”

In total, Amazon has installed the technology at 400 locations across the US, reaching three million users.

Amazon in May added age verification capabilities to its palm reading technology, enabling eligible shoppers to buy alcohol with a wave of their hand - without having to dig into their wallets for ID. Alongside payments, the technology is also being applied to identification processes, enabling customers to link to and access their loyalty programmes and to provide secure access to sports and entertainment venues and office buildings.

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A Finextra member
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Convenient, but a bit big brother!