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EBAday 2023: Fintech Zone finalists announced!

EBAday 2023: Fintech Zone finalists announced!

EBAday, the annual event for payments and transaction banking executives, will return on 20th to 21st June 2023 at The IFEMA in Madrid, Spain.

The EBAday Fintech Zone gives successful applicants the opportunity to network and demonstrate their products to those attending the conference.

The Fintech Zone is returning for the fifth year and will welcome leading fintech firms from around the world to collaborate and showcase their products to the judging panel.

Finextra and the Euro Banking Association (EBA) have chosen 16 early stage and growth startups with a proof of concept or working product to pitch during their dedicated slot on either day one or day two of the conference.

The shortlist includes fintech firms pitching their products that operate within next generation banking, payments-as-a-service, instant payments and request to pay, identity services and fraud prevention, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), cross-border payments interoperability, trends in payments technology and fintech collaboration, and trends in liquidity and cash management practices.

Here’s the list of finalists:


A DLT payment transactions platform that aims to create trust and transparency in payments, to enable financial flows, to reduce counterparty risk and the cost of capital, as well as operating costs, in order to improve working capital management and to compete more effectively.


A technological solution that enables financial institutions to expand the scope of their fraud prevention capabilities to the receiver of the payment as well as the sender, revealing critical ‘blind spots’ that have previously prevented institutions from being able to combat authorised fraud.

Coinscrap Finance

A banking transaction data categorisation engine, powered by AI and NLP with a performance ratio over 90%, that offers different use cases such as data enrichment, PFM tools, loyalty programs and more.


An API that creates banking infrastructure for corporates, so they can complete instant payouts, reconcile automatically and manage their cash better.

Enable Banking

Enabling simple and secure access to more than 2600 banks through one single API.

Financial Networks Analytics (FNA)

A solution that optimises liquidity in real-time by resequencing payments using AI and advanced, patented algorithms, resulting in significant cost savings (~$150m per bank) and a 40-90% reduction in customer payment delays.


An affordable, cloud-based platform that connects to existing systems, guides less experienced finance teams, automates their processes, bridges the gap between large and small by providing accessible, fair and easy solutions that make it safer to grow internationally.


Solutions to validate payee bank account details and fetch banking information using only a phone number or other alias.


An AI-based engine that makes cross-border lending possible for banks and consumers in the EU.

Request to Pay

Confirmation of payee software in the form of a data-enhanced solution designed to significantly reduce misdirected and fraudulent payments.


A solution to help banks engage with the youth segment (under 18), and have impact on financial education.


An AI facial biometrics and liveness provider with a privacy-preserving face bureau-like product that issues scores related to the risk being taken by clients in accepting a transaction given a facial image and some additional data such as email, mobile number, or tax ID from the end-user.

Sileon AB

An innovative SaaS-based BNPL functionality for banks, lenders and fintechs to quickly and easily launch new credit products.

TradeIn Technologies

A collaborative trade risk management B2B SaaS platform that provides real-time assessment of corporate solvency and dynamic working capital solutions.


A fintech company that provides online solutions for commercial banking that are white labelled and cover FX hedging, cross-border payments, trade credit insurance, cash visibility and forecasting.

Treasury Delta

A platform that digitises a corporate treasury RFP between corporates and banks using digital technology that streamlines the entire process for all stakeholders, thereby saving significant time, money and hassle.

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