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Finnovating unveils MatchGPT 'Business Tinder'

Finnovating unveils MatchGPT 'Business Tinder'

AI startup Finnovating has launched its own Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) designed to help tech companies find, match and deal with corporate partners and clients.

Finnovating launched its B2B matching platform 18 months ago, with the goal of facilitating business and innovation between corporations and tech start-ups.

Now, it is using the 20 million interactions among 100,000 tech companies it has gathered to train MatchGPT, an intelligent assistant to match, connect, and facilitate transactions.

The firm stresses that its product differs from ChatGPT because of its use of proprietary behavioural and transactional data, rather than generic information extracted from the web.

Possible use cases include learning how to expand a fintech business to the United Arab Emirates; discovering key connections in Mexico to scale an insurtech; or finding the top investors seeking Series A B2E businesses in Singapore.

Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO, Finnovating, says: "We started using some of OpenAI's algorithms to see how we could create our own GPT, but oriented towards businesses, towards commerce.

"We realized that this huge amount of well-structured data allowed us to achieve results with great precision, far removed from what other companies achieve and which does not meet the demands of this technology."

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