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Bitpanda to invest $10 million in AI

Bitpanda to invest $10 million in AI

Austrian cryptocurrency outfit Bitpanda is to invest $10 million to create a dedicated AI division.

Bitpanda says the new unit will deliver a suite of AI-driven products and investing features, including personalised investment ideas, automated portfolio strategies, and real-time market analysis.

The first product out of the stable is a conversational wealth coach empowered to guide personalised investment strategies for users.

Eric Demuth, co-CEO and founder of Bitpanda comments: “Historically, investing was only for wealthy people, but fintechs like Bitpanda made it accessible to everyone thanks to blockchain technology. AI is the next technology that will reshape personal finance. Today, personal wealth managers are only for the rich, but we will change that by making them accessible to everyone. AI driven, fully personalised, and accessible 24/7 from the phones in their pockets.”

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