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CaixaBank launches environment-based metaverse experience

CaixaBank launches environment-based metaverse experience

CaixaBank is taking to the metaverse for World Earth Day, offering customers a virtual tour designed to raise environmental awareness.

Customers visiting CaixaBank centres in Ibiza, Burgos, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid between 20 and 27 April will be able to take the virtual tour in which they will have to overcome a series of challenges in different nature environments.

Participants will explore forests, beaches and the deep sea to complete missions that will raise their awareness of the need to take care of the environment.

In addition, 3D images will be projected in a surround format on the large screens of the "all in one" bank centres during 22 April, taking customers that visit the space through a journey to the deep sea and transmitting messages on environmental care and CaixaBank's commitment to sustainability.

Last year, CaixBank teamed up with Microsoft on an AI innovation laboratory that will, among other things, focus on building a work environment in the metaverse.

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