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SocGen and Lemonway join forces to service corporate B2B marketplaces

SocGen and Lemonway join forces to service corporate B2B marketplaces

Societe Generale has signed a deal with Lemonway to deliver payment services to large corporates launching B2B marketplaces in Western Europe.

The partnership marries Lemonway’s expertise in managing compliant third-party payments services with Societe Generale services in large account cash management.

Leomonway's modular package handles payment and other strategic services such as customer verification and payment account opening, reconciliation of flows for beneficiaries and performance monitoring.

Alexandre Maymat, head of global transaction and payment services at Societe Generale, says: "This partnership enables us to support our clients in their digital transformation, offering ever more complete and innovative payment services, in line with the specific needs of large corporates for their B2B marketplaces. It illustrates Societe Generale’s long-standing cooperative approach with fintech companies to provide innovative solutions for our clients.”

He says the technical implementation of the partnership will be effective soon, in eight European countries - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

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