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Stripe forms issuer partnerships to help fight fraud

Stripe forms issuer partnerships to help fight fraud

Stripe has launched an "enhanced issuer network": a set of partnerships with US card issuers designed to help businesses rescue fraud and boost authorisation rates.

The network sees Stripe provide secure access to transaction fraud scores from Radar - its fraud-prevention tool - through an encrypted pathway to issuers including Capital One and Discover.

Radar uses machine learning techniques trained on the billions of dollars of transactions that Stripe processes every year to assign each payment a risk score from zero to 99.

Stripe says that by giving issuers access to Radar scores, it helps them decrease fraud, reduces checkout frustration for consumers, and increases payment authorisation rates for businesses.

Sarah Strauss, head, customer services and strategy, Capital One, says: "In particular, this makes legitimate transactions more likely to be approved. The partnership has already resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in recovered revenue for businesses."

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