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Pokémon-playing fish commit credit cod fraud

Pokémon-playing fish commit credit cod fraud

A Japanese YouTuber who streams his pet minnows playing games on a Nintendo Switch was recently shocked to find some fishy charges to his credit card.

The Mutekimaru Channel has attracted nearly 93,000 YouTube subscribers with an ingenious setup that lets fish play video games.

A webcam watching a fish tank is connected to a PC where software tracks the inhabitants' movements. The tank is divided into a grid, with each square correlating to a Nintendo Switch controller input. When a fish pauses over a square, the correlating input is made.

The fish have had some success: in 2020 they fin-ished Pokémon Sapphire, although it took them over 3000 hours.

However, when the game recently crashed, the fish managed to navigate their way to the Nintendo eShop, where the owner’s login and credit card info were saved.

Not only did this expose the card information to the stream's viewers but the fish also managed to charge 500 Yen (less than $4) through the Nintendo Store.

It took the carp-holder several hours to discover the fraudulent perch-ases and contact Nintendo for a refund, which he received.

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