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Finextra's top research reports of 2022

Finextra's top research reports of 2022

With 2022 drawing to a close, we take a look back at our most downloaded whitepapers, sentiment papers and surveys over the course of the past year. These reports are Finextra-led and cobranded, based on editorially balanced, independent, referenced desk-based and online research.

Top research reports of 2021

5. Will banks use digital security as a post-pandemic differentiator?

Banks large and small, old and new, have come a long way in a short amount of time. Prior to the pandemic there wasn’t a bank or financial services provider worth their salt who did not have some kind of digitalisation strategy as a core part of their operations planning. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic catapulted banks and their clientele into instantaneous cashlessness, forcing many organisations and customers to adapt at speed. We take a pulse on these themes and questions by interviewing senior experts at several banking service providers across Europe and Asia.

4. Seeking approval - acquirers vs. transaction fraud

Transaction fraud monitoring lies at the heart of fraud prevention for acquiring banks, and while the effort in decreasing fraud rates has advanced significantly, so has the sophistication of fraudsters themselves. This Finextra industry sentiment report was produced in association with Brighterion, a Mastercard company. It is based on several industry interviews, through which we aim to take a pulse on the industry’s general appetite for real-time, AI-driven, data-rich transaction fraud monitoring, and the various models, technologies, and priorities that shape acquirers’ anti-fraud strategies.

3. Payments modernisation: The big survey 2022

This survey, conducted in early 2022 in association with Volante Technologies, aimed to quantify the latest trends in payments modernisation, cloud and ‘as-a-service’ delivery models for account-to-account payments across corporate, SME and retail banking. It is a forward-looking annual report, which allows for an analysis over time of priority shifts for banks and their customers, and highlights areas where the trend towards digitisation and real-time payments are accelerating.

2. Payments transformation: Emerging stronger

The Finextra Annual Payments Survey Report 2022, in association with Fiserv, discusses findings from the survey on how financial institutions are continuing to grow and tackle emerging and disruptive competition while rationalising investments. There is a change in emphasis towards reduction - reduction in costs through consolidation; reduction in risk through a focus on financial crime; reduction in a one-size-fits-all approach; reduction in resources to address the increasing demands of customers, regulators and the payments industry.

1. Open Banking Europe 2022 - What’s next for Open Banking?

Since the European Payments Services Directive 2 was introduced in 2018, open banking has come to mean different things to different participants. Progress, innovation and developments have taken place at varying speeds with varying results. This report, produced in association with Worldline, which takes the pulse on the development of open banking initiatives from several stakeholders through one-to-one interviews to ascertain where the biggest opportunities lie now and, crucially, what it will take for them to be fully realised.

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