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The Scammer House of Horrors: Simon Callow narrates scary fraud stories

The Scammer House of Horrors: Simon Callow narrates scary fraud stories

Legendary actor Simon Callow has been roped in by NatWest to read some real-life Halloween horror stories about the dangers of fraud.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star of narrates three tales rooted in real-life case studies of frightful frauds and scary scams:

  • Twisted Fate details how fake cryptocurrency investment offerings can swindle individuals out of their earnings through false promises
  • Romance is Dead is a deceptively alluring romance scam which highlights the modern risks of online dating.
  • The Final Demand brings to life the horrors of an invoice redirection scam, showing how a small business owner is targeted by a fake “supplier” claiming their details have changed and that they require a new invoice.

NatWest is publishing the tales as a free downloadable PDF as a survey of 2000 adults shows that three quarters of Brits have been targeted by scammers, with an average of £350.50 stolen per victim.

The survey reveals that 85% of Brits are worried about falling victim to a scam and half believe they could do more to protect themselves from the dangers. As technology advances and scams become trickier to spot, 60% of Brits claim to have been approached by a scam on social media, and three quarters believe social media giants should do more to stop fraudulent activity happening on the platforms.

Says Callow: “It’s frightening how advanced scams have evolved to be. I find it increasingly difficult to stay savvy to the dangers, so it’s more important than ever that we as a nation continue to educate ourselves on the new types of scams emerging, so as not to be taken advantage of."

Download the spooky tales:

Download the document now 4.1 mb (Chrome HTML Document)

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