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Revolut surpasses 20 million customer milestone on seventh anniversary

Revolut surpasses 20 million customer milestone on seventh anniversary

Champagne corks are popping at financial super app Revolut as it celebrates its seventh anniversary by surpassing 20 million retail customers worldwide, processing over 250 million transactions a month.

To keep pace with climbing customer numbers, Revolut is continuing to expand its global workforce, topping 5,000 employees globally. Over the past year, Revolut has opened several offices in locations such as New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Budapest and Bucharest. Additionally, new offices in Mumbai and Bangalore are set to open later this year.

Vlad Yatsenko, co-founder and CTO, comments: “In just seven years, Revolut has grown exponentially. We are now more than 5,000 strong, with new and long-standing staff helping to deliver for our customers on a daily basis."

Helped by collaborations with influencers over the past year such as Liam Payne, Anthony Joshua, and Simon Wilson, Revolut’s total social media following has als surged to over 1.4 million, and it has most recently launched a TikTok account.

The UK remains the company's biggest market with 4.2 million customers, more than double the two million users in its next second largest market, Romania.

With coverage in 36 countries, the firm is now building for expansion into new territory including India, Mexico and Brazil.

Nikolay Storonsky, chief executive officer, comments: “Revolut reaching 20 million customers and 250 million transactions a month is another milestone we’re proud of.

“As important as this milestone is, we are still at the start of our journey and intend to keep pushing the boundaries of financial innovation to build the world’s first global financial superapp. This is just the beginning…”

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