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France's Green-Got launches green banking app

France's Green-Got launches green banking app

European sustainable neobank Green-Got has teamed up with climate engagement provider ecolytiq to launch its green banking app.

French outfit Green-Got has begun onboarding the 25,000 members on its waitlist, promising to help them ensure that their money no longer finances fossil fuels.

To do this, the startup has integrated technology from Berlin-based ecolytiq, which shows customers the environmental impact of their purchases in real time based on the open-sourced methodologies from the Organisation for Sustainable Consumption.

Customers will also receive insights that contextualise their environmental footprint by providing them easy-to-understand tips and tricks designed to inspire behavioural change.

Meanwhile, for every card payment made by a Green-Got account, a commission paid by the seller goes towards environmental projects, including forest conservation, ocean clean-up efforts and clean energy development.

Green-Got also promises to invest customers’ money from saving accounts sustainably, while the app has a carbon emissions calculator.

Andrea Ganovelli, co-founder, Green-Got, says: "Green-Got was born out of the realisation that investments should be redirected towards projects that protect the environment, not degrade it. We wanted to be able to use our money and savings to fund the fight against global warming and adaptation to its effects that are already here."

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