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Scotcoin to go global with ProBit listing

Scotcoin to go global with ProBit listing

Scotcoin, a Scottish cryptocurrency that has been around for nearly a decade, is coming to the international market after striking a deal to list on the ProBit Global exchange.

Invented in 2013, Scotcoin calls itself a cryptocurrency with a social purpose. It is backed by the Scotcoin Project CIC (Community Interest Company), which has vowed to harness the power of the coin to help tackle things such as poverty and environmental issues.

By listing on ProBit, people around the world will be able to buy and sell the token, helping to spread uptake beyond the few thousand current holders.

The Scotcoin Project notes that the Scottish diaspora has around 10 million members worldwide, many of whom may want to send and receive money through Scotcoin’s scotscan.io system, where transactions happen instantaneously and without payment of gas fees.

The project also hope the listing will help fund a professional full-time management team to deliver a business plan focussed on working with partners to deliver a variety of initiatives relating to clothing, food, accommodation, and the environment.

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