Ex-HSBC colleagues reunite to solve  global data governance headache

Ex-HSBC colleagues reunite to solve global data governance headache

HSBC’s former global data analytics boss Jon Farina has joined WCKD RZR, a 'data enablement' software startup founded by the bank's ex-chief administration officer.

London-based WCKD RZR promises to help multi-national businesses tackle the problems caused by conflicting data governance policies and authorisation controls in different locations and jurisdictions.

Having already raised $1.2 million in funding, CEO Chuck Teixeira has now brought in his former HSBC colleague Farina as CTO.

Before HSBC, Farina was executive director of application engineering at JP Morgan Chase, where he co-designed and delivered the bank’s exotic derivatives trade capture system, and before that was with Barclays Capital, UBS and Credit Suisse.

Says Teixeira: "I’m thrilled that Jon is joining our expanding team. Together we have a track record of dealing with and solving some of the most difficult data problems for one of the world’s biggest banks and it’s terrific to be reunited to be able to do that for WCKD RZR’s customers."

WCKD RZR's Data Watchdog software is designed to help clients find, govern and access their data in each country, in real time, in full compliance with relevant sharing, privacy and governance rules.

The software is installed onto an organisation’s network allowing the data to remain where it was, and begins work in minutes. It spiders and maps all the company’s databases, with proprietary machine learning technology auto-labelling the data so that it can be easily accessed.

Says Farina: "WCKD RZR has designed and built a genuinely transformational software platform which will soon be in every big organisation around the globe which wants to readily find, govern and access its data."

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