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BNP Paribas to hire 1000 more female coders by 2024

BNP Paribas to hire 1000 more female coders by 2024

BNP Paribas has set itself a target to have 1,000 more women working in IT professions by the end of 2024, through both internal and external recruitment.

The French lender describes the 'programme for the feminisation of IT' as one of its strategicstrategic priorities.

Co-sponsored by Bernard Gavgani, heead of information systems, and Sofia Merlo, head of human resources, the bank says it wants to correct the genderr imbalance that is prevalent in society and at BNP Paribas itself.

To meet its ends, the bank has implemented a dedicated programme, Women In IT, to attract women into the sector by mobilising different teams and professions, from hiring to career development and training. Other iniative include Women & Girls in Tech, an innovation programme that organises events throughout the year to encourage young girls to embark on the path of IT by promoting exchanges with women already working or studying.

The bank says that increasing the number of women in IT jobs is a collective performance issue, as emphasised by Isabelle Moirez, human resources director for IT at BNP Paribas: “Balanced teams produce more effective solutions that better meet the needs of users in their diversity.”

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