ANZ combines retail and digital units

ANZ combines retail and digital units

As it gears up to launch a new online and mobile service, ANZ is combining its digital division with its Australian retail business.

ANZ Plus is the bank's first digital, customer-facing service to be built under ANZx, a division set up to work on longer-term technology programmes.

With Plus ready to launch, ANZ is preparing to combine its digital division, including ANZx, with the retail business

Shayne Elliot, CEO, ANZ, says: "At the time, we established our new Digital Division outside of our Australian retail business to ensure we weren't being limited by existing structures and technology.

"Our intention was to always bring this work together when it made sense and given our first customer proposition, ANZ Plus, is about to go live, that time is now."

The combined unit will be led by Maile Carnegie, who moves from her current role as the digital banking group executive.

Says Elliot: "Maile’s recent banking experience, as well as her extensive career running consumer and digital businesses, means she has an exceptional skillset that will ultimately evolve our retail bank."

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