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Tintra launches foundation to protect hunter-gatherers

Tintra launches foundation to protect hunter-gatherers

Fintech firm Tintra has just unveiled a charity foundation to help protect the planet’s last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes. As a primary endowment, Tintra has committed $2 million to the charity.

The initiative is one component of the firm’s overarching mission to level the playing field between emerging markets and advanced economies, democratise financial regulation, as well as help financial institutions, multi-nationals, and large corporates in the emerging world access banking systems that, crucially, understand their geographic needs.

Richard Shearer, CEO of Tintra, commented: “Over the last 5-6 months, we have committed to revolutionising the global banking industry and making access to the global marketplace as seamless in Africa or Asia as it is in Europe or the United States. However, we also recognise that whilst there are those in these markets that wish to have the interconnectedness we have in the west, these emerging countries are also home to the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes, who wish to retain their own unique, non-modern lifestyle and continue to live long, happy lives within their communities.

These tribes are at risk of becoming eradicated, which would eliminate any remaining links to human past. The Tintra foundation has been developed to pledge funds and resources to understanding, supporting, and increasing awareness of who they are and their way of life - where lessons, like true sustainable living, could be key to our own survival.”

The launch of Tintra’s charity comes just weeks after it announced a joint venture with artificial intelligence and machine learning firm, TMC2, to modernise how compliance between developed and emerging market economies works.

The Tintra foundation plans to announce additional board members in early 2022.

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