Bear Stearns deploys Sniffer network management solutions

Bear Stearns deploys Sniffer network management solutions

Sniffer Technologies, a division of Network Associates, has unveiled a multi-million dollar project that equips Bear Stearns' new worldwide headquarters with an innovative network management solution.

Differing from traditional network models, Sniffer Technologies' worked with Bear Stearns to design and develop a complete overlay network to further ensure reliable communication and system uptime. Today, Sniffer solutions are commonly deployed on production networks to monitor communication problems. By creating an entirely separate overlay network for the Sniffer Distributed solutions at their new worldwide headquarters, Bear Stearns will be able to troubleshoot issues even during serious network outages.

The Bear Stearns worldwide headquarters is comprised of several hundred Ethernet switches with gigabit-speed connections. Sniffer Technologies is supplying 150 Sniffer Distributed solutions for monitoring and troubleshooting data traffic in real time. Bear Stearns IT personnel have been trained on the system to track and report on network statistics, including types of network issues, duration of these issues and types of data traffic transmitted in and out of the network.

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