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HSBC signs multi-year DevOps deal with CloudBees

HSBC signs multi-year DevOps deal with CloudBees

HSBC has signed a multi-year deal with DevOps platform CloudBees to standardise software delivery for over 23,000 developers globally.

The agreement includes all components of the CloudBees platform including continuous integration, continuous delivery, release orchestration, and feature management capabilities.

It expands HSBC’s existing relationship with the firm, which began in 2015.

The relationship was cemented in 2019, when the bank invested £10 million in CloudBees, underscoring the importance of DevOps in the bank’s business and technology future.

“As customers shift more and more of their banking online, software is at the heart of everything we do at HSBC,” says Ian Haynes, CTO shared services and cloud at HSBC. “We are digitszing the bank and innovating faster to improve the customer experience while prioritising security and compliance. We’ve chosen CloudBees because standardisation and automation across our entire software delivery system will enable our developers to get new digital products and services into our customers’ hands quickly and securely.”

HSBC operates a hybrid cloud environment, both off- and on-premise, necessitating the need to simplify and unify software release automation across the entire global organisation and provide governance and audit oversight of high-frequency deployments.

“The immense scope and scale of software delivery at HSBC requires a powerful suite of tools and we have to choose partners that allow seamless integration across our toolchain,” says Haynes. “CloudBees offers us a powerful platform for the capabilities we need while making it easy for us to have one unified platform that includes all the other tools we leverage."

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