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VisionLabs unveils facial recognition payment terminal

VisionLabs unveils facial recognition payment terminal

Facial recognition company VisionLabs has unveiled a payments terminal that lets shoppers make payments with a look.

The VisionLabs Luna POS terminal supports both normal card transactions and biometric facial recognition payments.

For a biometric transaction, the terminal scans the customer's face and sends the template to the payment service provider or bank for identification. An algorithm identifies whether the customer is who they say they are before authorising the payment. The facial data is not saved.

VisionLabs says that with Covid-19 accelerating the move to contactless payments and banks now starting to use facial recognition to authorise online payments, its terminal is launching at an opportune time.

Anton Nazarkin, global business development director, VisionLabs, says: "With the Luna POS, we pushed ourselves to the limit in designing a unit that not only meets our strict requirements as a best-in-class facial recognition solutions vendor but also implements the highest security standards that exist in the payments industry."

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