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BofA preps massive VR training programme

BofA preps massive VR training programme

Bank of America is launching a virtual reality training programme in thousands of its sites across the country.

The bank is putting VR headsets in all of its nearly 4300 financial centres, enabling around 50,000 employees to practice a range of routine to complex tasks and simulate client interactions through a virtual environment.

By the end of next year, a series of learning modules will offer 20 VRR simulations covering areas such as strengthening and deepening relationships with clients, navigating difficult conversations, and listening and responding with empathy.

Real-time analytics embedded in the technology will help managers identify skill gaps and provide targeted follow-up coaching and personalised guidance.

BofA says that a pilot with 400 employees found that 97% of the participants felt more comfortable performing their tasks after going through the simulations.

John Jordan, head, The Academy, BofA, says: "VR is highly effective at helping teammates build and retain new skills and it is one of many ways we are using technology to support internal mobility and provide best-in-class learning opportunities."

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