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Former Monzo staffers snag $4.7 million for incident response startup

Former Monzo staffers snag $4.7 million for incident response startup

Established by three former Monzo staffers, incident response and recover startup incident.io has raised $4.7 million from Index Ventures, Point Nine, and a host of angel investors.

The company has built a command center for running an incident directly within Slack, keeping customer-support teams, management and engineering in the loop on the remediation work.

"We’ve spoken a lot about bringing our approach to the whole organisation, but what does that mean in practice?" writes co-founder Chris Evans in a blog post. "We believe it looks like your Data Privacy Officer having confidence that the right decisions will be made when a breach is identified, your customer support team being able to seamlessly share what your customers are seeing and relay the information back to them in real time, and your execs being fully up-to-speed when they’re drafted in to help make a decision.

The product had its genesis from the team's early fire-fighting days at Monzo.

"Winding back the clock, the three of us met at Monzo where we found ourselves in our fair share of incidents," states Evans. "It turns out banks are pretty complex beasts and, like literally every company, things go wrong all of the time. Whether it’s minor service outages, security issues, or overwhelmed support teams, incidents are an inevitable cost of doing business."

At Monzo, the solution was a Slack integration tool built by then technical director Evans, that took some of the toil and burden off the engineers who were leading incidents.

"The tool became wildly popular, and whilst it started as something for engineers, it later became adopted by every corner of the organisation," he writes. "We’d stumbled across something special. Unlike places we’d worked before, the incidents weren’t chaotic and stressful encounters falling solely on the shoulders of engineering, but they were positive experiences, places to learn, and an opportunity to build trust with customers."

The three-person startup has already bolstered the team with the arrival of two ex-GoCardless engineers, Lawrence Jones and Lisa Karlin Curtis, and have two new arrivals landing later this year.

"Incidents aren’t just for engineering, and we’re going to prove it."

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