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BBVA unveils hot desk app for evolving hybrid working model

BBVA unveils hot desk app for evolving hybrid working model

BBVA has rolled out an app for employees to book a desk at the office as it prepares for a new post-pandemic working model.

BBVA's return to work policy is focused around a hybrid system, in which employees spend 60% of their time in the office and 40% at home.

This is aligned with a new hot desking system, in which staff are assigned a locker to store their belongings and an app to book a desk.

"As a result of the social distancing measures to ensure a distance of one and a half meters between people, half of the workstations in our headquarters could not be used. The only way to allow employees to resume on-site work was to de-assign the workstations," explains Desirée Granda, global head of premises and services at BBVA.

Using the app, staff can book a desk - and parking space - at the office, selecting from a pool of available workstations that are released on the 22nd of each month. Users can book from a menu of options, including a table for individual work, a meeting room or a collaborative space.

"The value of assigning workstations to specific individuals based on their hierarchy within the organization has been completely redefined," says Ophelie Richard, BBVA global head of talent acquisition. "This opens up great opportunities, from hiring employees regardless of their geographic location to workstation virtualization.”

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