Starling Bank to offer 6-month paid returnships

Starling Bank to offer 6-month paid returnships

Women Returners and Innovate Finance have partnered to launch a cross-company returner programme, encouraging individuals to re-enter the fintech sector following extended career breaks.

Starling Bank, Klarna and PrimaryBid are participating in the programme, and will offer 6-month returnship placements in Cardiff, London and Southampton from January 2022 for successful applicants who have been away from the sector for at least 18 months.

The event launch page reads: “You may have taken time out to look after children or elderly/sick relatives, for relocation, for a personal health issue or for other reasons. You may have been working on a small-scale basis to fit around your other commitments or have not done any paid work for a number of years.”

Working toward gender parity is high on the agenda across fintech, which sees a significant gender pay-gap and a lack of diversity - particularly at the higher levels.

In fact, Finextra’s Hamish Monk reports that the most recent gender pay gap reports revealed that some of the UK’s favourite financial services start-ups, including Monzo, Wise, and GoCardless, fall below the national average of male to female median hourly pay. Starling Bank, on the other hand, sits just above the national average; for every sterling pound a man earns, a woman earns 0.84 pounds.

In a recent interview with Finextra, Anne Boden, CEO, Starling Bank, said: “Addressing the gender pay gap doesn’t have just one solution. Work on all fronts is needed. This includes paying women fairly and supporting women to flourish and thrive so they can access leadership and technical jobs that are valued and highly paid.”

The FinTech Cross-Company Returner Programme Insight Event is scheduled for 23 September and you can register to attend here. The programme’s application process will commence in mid-September.

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