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Low-emission vehicle funding platform to launch in Greater Manchester

Low-emission vehicle funding platform to launch in Greater Manchester

A new financial support scheme service, due to launch in November, will enable businesses and other commercial vehicle operators to apply for central government support to buy low-emission vehicles ahead of the introduction of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone on 30 May 2022.

The service is built on QV Systems’ Accelerate technology, a fully automated end-to-end system for automotive lending platform, which will enable businesses to check their eligibility for, and access to, grants and subsidised finance to upgrade their vehicle or fleet. This ensure that they would be compliant when the Clean Air Zone is introduced and not be forced to pay for driving in the zone.

“As a city region, we are committed to tackling air pollution, which is the biggest environmental public health issue facing the city-region and contributes to around 1,200 deaths in Greater Manchester alone each year,” said Councillor Andrew Western, Greater Manchester lead for Clean Air.

Greater Manchester has been instructed by government to bring roadside levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution within legal limits as soon as possible.

Western added, “That’s why we have developed a Clean Air Plan that not only helps us meet government requirements on nitrogen dioxide air pollution, but also delivers the funding support for those businesses, individuals and organisations who need to upgrade their vehicle to become compliant.”

Businesses will only need to enter their details in order to check if they are eligible. If they are, they will be presented with a range of funding options from approved lenders and brokers.

Daniel Layne, founder and CEO of QV Systems said: “This decade will see one of the biggest transformations in the history of personal transportation, with the phasing out of new petrol and diesel in favour of more environmentally friendly vehicles. The UK’s targets for clean air and the transition to greener fleets are among the most ambitious in the world.”

Layne continued: “For local authorities, the challenge is how to help businesses access government funding. Greater Manchester has shown how proven technologies like Accelerate enables them to deliver these projects successfully within short timeframes, and to start delivering cleaner, healthier cities for all.”

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