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Strive launches Penny the Pig to teach kids about crypto investing

Strive launches Penny the Pig to teach kids about crypto investing

Strive, the putative UK-based operator of a youth account for kids, has unveiled a crypto-piggy bank that integrates with leading virtual wallets such as thrrose provided by Coinbase.

Strive’s app and hardware combo displays any crypto wallet balance on the physical piggy bank - priced at $149 each - whilst parents can use the accompanying app to schedule cryptocurrency payments, such as pocket money, and monitor their child’s digital transactions.

The move follows Strive's all-stock acquisition of digital piggy bank startup GoSave in November.

The next step will involove the introduction of a piggy bank mining edition, designed to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Strive co-founder and CEO Andrew Birt says: “Without a doubt, the crypto market is here to stay. With $2T now stored in crypto across 68M crypto wallets around the globe, there’s still a surprisingly visible lack of resources to teach kids about digital currency.”

"This is why we’ve built Penny the Pig - to give everyone a simple, safe and responsible way to explore the space of cryptocurrencies, and learn about the future of money.”

In addition to cryptocurrencies, Strive’s range of products includes a marketplace for limited edition digital assets, rare educational NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and collectable physical toys called TopMinds to be released later this month.

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