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Founders backing founders: Hinrikus and Tamkivi set up new investment vehicle

Founders backing founders: Hinrikus and Tamkivi set up new investment vehicle

Wise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus and Teleport co-founder Sten Tamkivi are to merge their solo investment funds into a new funding unit focused on the red hot tech scene.

As angel investors, Hinrikus and Tamkivi - who worked trogether in the early days of Skype - have supported hundreds of other entrepreneurs and new companies with seed capital investments.

Says Tamkivi: "We have both invested decades to help create the future of finance, work, and mobility. There are many futures yet to be created. We are eager to listen to founders forming new investment theses: education, health and longevity, sustainable climate, competitive governance and democracy, to name a few."

Using their own capital, Hinrikus and Tamkivi will operate as equal investment partners in the new fund, which is already in operation with six staff based in Tallin, Estonia.

The current portfolio is geographically focused on Europe, but also spans from the US to Japan and Singapore. This includes a list of mutual investments in companies like Wise, Bolt, Veriff, LHV, Xolo, Oyster HR, Pactum, Starship, Curve, Sunrise, Acapela and others.

“We can get involved in a tech company with a first 250k-1M euro seed investment and have the freedom to follow on through all rounds until the IPO," says Hinrikus. "We expect to collaborate with investor peers, rather than lead deals. We can take positions in crypto tokens, real assets or any alternative financial instruments, if that helps the mission of our world-changing companies.”

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