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F10 and New Energy Nexus unite to nurture green fintech

F10 and New Energy Nexus unite to nurture green fintech

F10, fintech incubator and accelerator, will collaborate with New Energy Nexus to form the first global green and climate fintech program, bringing decarbonisation of financial services to the cutting edge of innovation.

Against the backdrop of numerous corporate net-zero pledges, New Energy Nexus will support startup selection, mentorship, programming, networking and investment.

While new business models, new user experiences and new companies have been at the centre of the fintech industry, this partnership comes at a critical time and on the cusp of a similar, burgeoning wave in the sustainable finance or green fintech space.

Aaron McCreary, climate fintech lead at New Energy Nexus, highlights that this convergence could not come sooner.

“The intersection of digital financial technology and the climate emergency is real. Climate Fintech can help to make net-zero pathways and clean energy more accessible, measurable, and bankable. We’re thrilled to partner with F10 to help bring Climate Fintech innovations to market – enabling both individuals and corporates to save, spend, lend, and invest in ways which put the planet first."

The climate fintech program will accompany F10’s existing core curriculum and the Zurich, Singapore, Madrid and Barcelona based banking and insurance incubator will also extend its current open call for applicants.

The application window for F10 Zurich Incubation Batch VII will be extended from 26 February to 9 March 2021 for green and climate fintech, insurtech, regtech and deeptech startups.

Andreas Iten, co-founder of F10, adds: “There is immense potential and a strong use case for Green & Climate FinTechs in the market. Together with New Energy Nexus we can create the perfect environment for these cutting-edge startups to thrive and positively impact the global financial sector.”

Startups accepted into the program will benefit from:

  • Up to CHF 15,000 of expense coverage
  • Up to CHF 150,000 in funding
  • Fintech and climate accelerator curriculum and startup support services
  • Mentorship around subjects such as ESG, carbon and energy problem-solving
  • Exposure to corporates interested in startups dedicated to carbon neutrality and open innovation in the fintech space
  • A network of fintech and climate tech VC and angel investors

In conversation with Finextra in 2020, McCreary explored how the California-headquartered non-profit has been fostering entrepreneurs with thematic accelerator programmes across the world, while at the same time, supporting the Hewlett Foundation’s five-year climate strategy, running until 2023.

“Fintech has already shown its ability to disrupt the financial system, but what happens if you use fintech with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions specifically,” McCreary stated. It remains to be seen, but it is evident that fintech startups have the potential for substantial impact at scale.

Read New Energy Nexus' report on ‘Climate Fintech: Mapping an Emerging Ecosystem of Climate Capital Catalysts’.

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