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BNY Mellon taps Google Cloud to forecast settlement failures

BNY Mellon taps Google Cloud to forecast settlement failures

The Bank of New York Mellon is working with Google Cloud to help clients better predict billions of dollars in daily treasury market settlement failures to improve market liquidity.

BNY Mellon is tapping Google Cloud’s data analytics, AI and machine learning technologies for an offering it claims could help clients forecast 40% of daily settlement failures, generate significant capital and liquidity savings, and unlock operational efficiencies.

The bank is using Google Cloud for its scalable data analytics capabilities and to train models on millions of trades to consider every value and factor that could result in a failure. This will help reduce client risk and create a more efficient financial market with fewer failure points and greater liquidity, says Google.

BNY Mellon is also leveraging Google Cloud to support more development environments, making code delivery quicker while reducing infrastructure costs.

Brian Ruane, CEO, BNY Mellon Clearance & Collateral Management, says: “A settlement failure occurs when a buyer and seller fail to exchange cash and securities by the close of business on the scheduled settlement date.

"This prediction model could be a game-changer for market participants and is a tremendous showcase of how we are leveraging emerging technologies, such as the public cloud, to accelerate the delivery of meaningful solutions for our clients.”

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