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Mastercard to trial biometric card payments in Asia

Mastercard to trial biometric card payments in Asia

Mastercard is to conduct the first pilot in Asia of a biometric card that uses a fingerprint to authorise transactions at in-store payment terminals.

Mastercard is working with augmented identity firm Idemia, and Singapore fintech MatchMove, a Singapore-based banking-as-a-service provider, on the product, which operates under the name F.CODE Easy.

Developed by Idemia, the battery-free card harvests energy from payment terminals to power its fingerprint sensor and stores all biometric credentials on the card chip rather than a central database.

MatchMove, one of 21 applicants for Singapore’s digital banking licenses, will issue the first batch of biometric cards in the fourth quarter of this year. The pilot will feature employees of Mastercard, Idemia and MatchMove using the cards for transactions and live demonstrations for customers.

Amar Abrol, chief commercial officer at MatchMove says: “By leveraging F.CODE Easy, we can enable multiple use cases for our clients who in turn create greater value and utility for their customers, employees, suppliers and partners. We look forward to working together and introducing new innovative solutions to the market."

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 21 October, 2020, 12:201 like 1 like

With the amount of pilots we have seen around the Globe over the last few years and the benefit a Biometic card offers for the Covid consious public (let alone the secutiry benefits already proven!) now is the time to bring this as standard to consumers.