ACI unveils e-wallet and chip card platform

ACI unveils e-wallet and chip card platform

ACI Worldwide has introduced a smart e-wallet designed to make Internet transactions both simpler and more secure. The Personal Online Data (POD) e-wallet was unveiled at a press show for the upcoming Cartes 2000 international forum on card technologies and security in Paris.

Features of the ACI POD e-wallet include:
* multidevice functionality, including computers, mobile phones or digital televisions;
* password-protected secure space on the Internet during transactions, with digital certificates for credit card user IDs;
* automatic logoff if wallet is open but unused for a set period of time;
* personal information storage, eliminating the need to log in and fill out forms;
* instant hard copy receipt and delivery docket for order checking

The vendor also unveiled Red-e, a standard platform capable of supporting multiple smart card applications including credit cards, access/membership cards, electronic wallets and health records.

"Incompatibility of terminals, applications and management systems is no longer an issue," says Graeme Ward, chief strategy officer for ACI Worldwide's commerce business unit. "Red-e sits above the operating system and binds these applications together in a secure environment. By providing a seamless method to manage cards, terminals and applications, ACI hopes to open the door to the smart card becoming a crucial part of everyone's lives.

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