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Amazon rolls out pay at pump feature

Amazon rolls out pay at pump feature

Car drivers in the US can now use Amazon's Alexa to pay for fuel with a simple voice command.

Available at over 11,500 Exxon and Mobil stations across the US, the “Alexa, pay for gas” command uses the default payment option set in the user Amazon account.

The process - which includes geo-location at Exxon and Mobil stations, pump activation, payment processing, and payment tokenisation - uses digital commerce technology from Fiserv.

The verbal instruction works with any Alexa-enabled, on-the-go device that connects to the Alexa app, such as Echo Auto, Echo Buds, and a variety of third-party products with Alexa Built-in. The feature will also work in vehicles with Alexa, as well as through just the Alexa app on Android and Apple phones.

"No need to swipe your card, enter your zip code, or touch the keypad," says Amazon. "With fuel payments secured by Amazon Pay, your data is more protected and your purchases are more streamlined."

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 02 September, 2020, 15:501 like 1 like

The demo seems to make the process so easy. I wonder whether it will reflect reality. I can imagine sitting in the car behind waiting to use the pump and wondering why the person in front isn't getting out to start using the pump and instead appears to be arguing with himself inside the car!

David Gyori
David Gyori - BANKING REPORTS, LONDON - London 02 September, 2020, 22:36Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

This is very very cool! Well done Amazon