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UBS contracts with GitLab to speed up software development

UBS contracts with GitLab to speed up software development

UBS has signed a multi-year contract with GitLab for the supply of a single cloud-based DevOps platform for use by the bank's software team.

The deal with GitLab is expected to increase quality and decrease time-to-market as software engineers collaborate to build applications in the cloud across a unified DevOps platform. Developers, operators, and auditors have access to the same information and thus the ability to drill from a global view to a single repository.

UBS says it expects to more than double the speed of software engineering by the end of 2021 and to provide the means for full end-to-end automation of the development pipeline.

Mike Dargan, head of UBS Group technology states: "GitLab will be a fundamental part of our cloud journey, and thus accelerate our strategy. With GitLab, we leapfrog many of our competitors and break the barriers between coding, testing, and deployment. In addition we expect this technology to enable us to engineer our cloud native applications as well as our traditional banking applications from one platform."

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