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NatWest launches end-of-life digital planning tool

NatWest launches end-of-life digital planning tool

UK bank NatWest has launched a free digital service that helps customers plan and prepare for their death.

The online portal asks customers a series of questions about the arrangements in place for the end of their lives in order to help them think about issues such as funeral preferences and financial planning, from creating a will to recording assets.

Customers’ answers are used to populate an online profile in a secure system, to which they can add notes to family members or friends. Users can choose to share their plan with a trusted loved one, who can then download a copy for their own records.

Wendy Renshaw, chief digital information officer, NatWest, says: "This new service will help enhance people’s financial confidence and capability, as well as giving peace of mind for the future. Through innovative digital technology, it can reduce the risk of unexpected costs or administrative difficulties for friends or loved ones at a difficult time."

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Manohara Rao Kodavoor
Manohara Rao Kodavoor - ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND - India 14 July, 2020, 06:071 like 1 like

Excellent initiative.   If I am correct most of the Dutch banks had this scheme for the last half century