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Citi and Deutsche Bank open source data projects to Finos

Citi and Deutsche Bank open source data projects to Finos

Citi and Deutsche Bank have offered up a new round of open source contributions to nonprofit Finos (Fintech Open Source Foundation).

Citi has opened up DataHub, which the bank created to generate synthetic data to address the need for anonymisation when working with cloud providers.

DataHub is a set of Python libraries dedicated to the production of synthetic data to be used in tests, machine learning training, statistical analysis, and other related use cases.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank, along with partner Khartec, has contributed Waltz, which helps large financial institutions understand their technology architecture in a consistent, well-documented and easily digestible format.

Waltz shows where applications reside, what they do and how they are connected. It has been used to assist with key performance metrics, data lineage, regulatory responses and application rationalization and migration programmes.

Russell Green, chief architect, Deutsche Bank, says: "Contributing Waltz to the pantheon of FINOS projects means we can better share the benefits across the industry and drive common approaches to regulatory demands, which is an essential part of open source innovation."

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